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Panorama Swags

PANORAMA SWAGS offer you access to a world of wide open spaces, of beckoning vistas, of alluring escape into the great outdoors to experience the very essence of Australia.

The vision with PANORAMA SWAGS has always been to create swags of enduring quality and value.  To make swags that give you a lifetime of memories and that became an integral part of your outdoor life.  And all these years later?  We believe PANORAMA SWAGS is as true to that vision as ever.

Made to last for a lifetime of memories and experiences, expertly crafted from genuine Australian canvas that has been thoroughly proofed for water-repellancy. For a premium swag with pedigree look no further.

What our customers are saying:

“My son got a swag 10 years ago and it’s still going…looks good as new.  He spent probably 6 years of that living in it working in the outback right across the states…I can’t believe it’s still in such good nick.  My wife said that it was quite expensive and I said, I don’t care,  I’ll still be using this thing in 20 years.  If you ever need a story about how long your swags last  just talk to my boy.”

“Everybody likes Panorama Swags”

“I personally would not buy another brand of swag.