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Eagle Outdoors Logo
“Soar on Wings like Eagles”

Eagle Outdoors Pty Ltd is a manufacturing company specialising in Premium Camper trailers, and other camping gear including swags and roof top tents along with furniture and BBQ covers, outdoor clothing, safety jackets, wool insulated cooler bags, travel bags and gifts.

Eagle Outdoors stands for a purpose, to make a difference in this world. All of our brands, from camper trailers to wine coolers, make more than just a product. It’s our mission to make a positive impact on the world at large, not just on our valued customers, but also on all those who contribute to the development and production of Eagle Outdoors Group. 

Eagle Outdoors is a family-owned and run business, based out of Melbourne, Australia. Started by Barry Rodgers, Eagle Outdoors has developed and grown, carried on by his son David Rodgers and his family. Since our beginnings in 1975, we have continued a pursuit of an ethical and meaningful existence in the business world. This core value governs the way we conduct our business across all brands under the parent group of Eagle Outdoors. 

Core to our innovation philosophy is: Live Light. A guiding principle that sees us only seek quality durable materials and manufacturing processes, combining with market intelligence and Australian inventive spirit to create great products that people want to use. To Live Light is like soaring on Eagles wings, majestic yet effortless, equipped yet free. With our products we hope you experience life to the full whilst limiting negative impact on the environment.

Eagle Outdoors cares about how our products are manufactured, by who, and the employees’ working environment. Working conditions and worker welfare is of paramount importance and is why we have chosen to own and operate our own manufacturing facilities, one in Suva, Fiji, and one in Moruya, Australia, as well as assembly facilities in Melbourne, Perth & Gold Coast, Australia.  

We also collaborate with other brands and retail groups to help realise their product visions from ideation to manufacturing, to supply chain management and marketing. With an Australia wide and international network in place, including offices and showrooms in Victoria (Head Office), Western Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales (Our Australian R&D and Manufacturing facility), as well as agents in South Australia, Northern Territory, Wodonga, and Oregon, USA.

Dissatisfied by the working conditions of some of the factories we had visited internationally, we made the decision to increase our manufacturing of our textile products in Fiji to improve transparency in our supply chain and to ensure we have full control and visibility of the conditions of employment for our manufacturing employees, and the quality of products produced. 

Eagle Outdoors is proud to have a vertically integrated manufacturing model, from design, to manufacture, to retail. Each of our products starts its life in our Australian head office, where it’s designed by our in-house design team, brought to life by our pattern makers and machinists in collaboration with our team in Fiji and Australia, sampled and fitted. From here, our manufacturing teams in Fiji and Moruya produce the majority of our collection, ready for delivery to our assembly facilities, showrooms, and stockists across Australia and internationally. Our Australian team is in constant communication with our manufacturing facilities, with representatives from our head office and our manufacturing facilities meeting regularly and visiting often to collaborate and provide training. 

Full support of all workers involved in the Eagle Outdoors supply chain is enshrined in our commitment to making a positive impact and striving to be better than the standard expected.  

Our Fiji Story

Our factory in Fiji was started over 30 years ago, primarily to provide employment for a small community that had very few job opportunities available. It was started as part of a ‘Business Aid’ program set up by a group of business men including Barry Rodgers to help developing countries by providing capital and training for local employment. We are extremely passionate about finding work for our island neighbour and when the opportunity came up to manufacture products that were so iconically Australian we jumped at the idea. In 2009, David and Bronwyn Rodgers, with their young family, moved to live in Fiji for a few years to connect with the people of Fiji and experience life as they do. Many lifelong friendships have been made between them and the Fijians, making their business, Eagle Outdoors, not just a workplace, but, most importantly, a family. 

Currently we have over 100 staff working with us in Fiji. Most being with us for many years. We really love and appreciate our staff and each week we give awards to different employees, recognizing special efforts and dedication. 

We give our widows (currently more than 10 of them) a widow’s allowance on top of their wage each week to support them in their more difficult situation, and we have also implemented a savings program which we encourage the staff to participate in and give them higher interest than the local banks offer. We recently had auditors from Australia assessing our factory and we received the highest rating of all factories in Fiji of staff satisfaction in the workplace. We also pay the highest rates to our staff well above the minimum wage. 

Along with supporting our factory staff we have for years supported the local community, in particular the Nadakuni Village school with books and pencils etc., St Christophers Orphanage and Operation Foundation which help support prisoners and their families.

We value the Fijian people and love our Australian/Fijian partnership. We are committed to supporting Australian industry too, using Australian Oilskin, Australian Canvas and Australian Wool. And as part of our rewards and bonus system, we send several of our Australian staff over to Fiji to experience island time and we also bring a few of our Fijian staff over to experience Australia once a year during the holiday period. After all, the Fijians are wonderful people and work very hard in partnership with our wonderful Australian team to deliver the quality products that Didgeridoonas has on offer, with high quality control as manufacturing is not through a third party. 

Today, Eagle Outdoors continues to be one of the best places to work both in Fiji and in Australia, with staff activity days such as Employee of the Month, monthly staff lunches, and end of year celebrations. Over the years this has included many events such as The Amazing Race, Christmas parties, team competitions and reward programs. 

We are really proud of what we have already achieved as a team across Fiji and Australia, and we are excited to see what the future brings as we continue to create opportunities for growth and enjoyment in all our workplaces. 

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