About Us

“Soar on wings like eagles”

Eagle Outdoors is a manufacturing company specialising in premium camper trailers, outer wear garments and other camping gear, with experience in camper trailers as well as raincoats, outdoor clothing, safety jackets & protective clothing, hats, and camping accessories including swags, travel bags and roof top tents.

We have showrooms in VIC, WA, QLD, NSW and agents in SA and Darwin. We also have a manufacturing plant in Fiji and celebrated 30 years there in November 2019.

Fiji was initially started as part of ‘business aid’ to provide work for a small community that didn’t have a lot of employment opportunities. It has since grown considerably, and we now employ over 100 staff and love to support the local community in a variety of ways.

Eagle Outdoors was started by Barry Rodgers in 1978 and his son David took over in 1995 although Barry is still an integral part of the business and a great support and encouragement to David and Bronwyn. Lifelong friends, Josh and Rebecca Heylen, are also highly valued business partners. Additionally, we have many other long serving and dedicated staff who we are extremely grateful for.

Core to our innovation philosophy is: Live Light. A guiding principle that sees us only seek quality durable materials and manufacturing processes, combining with market intelligence and Australian inventive spirit to create great products that people want to use.

We also collaborate with other brands and retail groups to help realise their product visions from ideation to manufacturing, to supply chain management and marketing. With an Australia wide and international network in place, including offices and showrooms in Victoria (Head Office), Western Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales (Our Australian R&D and Manufacturing facility), as well as agents in South Australia, Northern Territory and Oregon, USA.

For the last 30 years Eagle Outdoors Group has been a leader in social enterprise and CRS, establishing a purpose-built manufacturing plan in Fiji. Initially started as a part of the Australian Government’s “Business Aid” Program – to provide work for small communities within the Commonwealth that didn’t have economic opportunities – our Fiji operation has since grown considerably, and we now employ over 100 local staff. We continue to support the local community in a variety of ways, including interest free loans, education, support, and small business mentoring.

Eagle Outdoors is a family-owned business, established by Barry Rodgers in 1978. Today his son David and David’s wife Bronwyn continue Barry’s legacy, directing its growth nationally and internationally through research, design and innovation and focusing on the business’s social conscious. Testament to the businesses’ success is the many long serving and dedicated staff within the Eagle Outdoors Family, who we are extremely grateful for.

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